Friday, June 09, 2006

"I won't take you there..."

I've always been attracted by old architecture... Especially to Paris during the 1800's. While working on Hunchback I was able to visit Paris and could not believe how beautiful it was! I stayed with a friend in a small house right in the middle the city and really experienced the city and the people. I began working on a series of images set in 1800's paris. I left them alone for years and eventually started working on them again. This is one of the images from this stories portfolio.

The set up is, "I'm sorry sir, but I can't take you to that part of town... "

My web site is undergoing an overhaul. I started it last year to help promote a fine art gallery opening I had in Kirkland WA. I never finished it. Lots of dead links and just plain not finished. I am reworking it and it should be up soon. I will link my blog page and will include more of this story on the site. Stay tuned.