Thursday, October 05, 2006

Vis Dev talk at Entertainment Art Academy, Nov

HI Everyone,
Well after three wonderful months of getting to know our new son, I will be posting again and will be giving a talk and demo at the Entertainment Art Academy in Pasadena Ca. On Nov. 12th from 11-2pm. I believe we are trying to go on line as well so more people can view it from different locations. It should be fun and hopefully informative. I will be primarily talking about my approach to feature Animation Vis Dev. As well as how to get a job as a vis dev artist.
I will also be giving a traditional painting Demo which usually helps to illustrate my approach... I always appreciated demos when I was in the audience....Well that and I think talk is sometimes cheap. Though I usually talk my head off and try and keep up with the questions while I paint.
I will be talking about how to apply to F.A. , if your not already in it, and what you might want to focus on when considering a career in Vis Dev. Please come by and say hi and check it out. I usually bring lots of originals besides the slide show.
Here are a few paintings to show a range of styles.
Thanks for being patient and for checking back and bothering to say hi.
Call Mike Mattesi for more information and to register at 1-626-440-5155or at