Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Sinbad Visual Development

I thought I would share a few of my early Sinbad sketches with everyone. These were done between 99'-01' and were such fun to create. Most are marker dye and a few are even oils! Only at the end of my time on this film did I enter the world of digital art. I really was a hold out and prefered traditional methods. Most were very large as I was working next to one of the true masters of design.... Darek Gogol. Man when that guy draws, he draws BIG!! Most of his pieces were at least 30x40 inches, and to just be noticed next to him I had to draw just as large. He taught me too much to list here.... thanks Darek!!


RAWLS said...

Yo Sam... these are stunningly beautiful my friend! Amazing work man.

Paul Shardlow said...

I remember seeing them when you first did them. It's nice to see them again. First class work, Sam.

Sam Nielson said...

Really amazing stuff, as usual.

craig said...


These are fantastic. Thanks for posting

Goro said...

these are amazing! WOW

Alfred Llupia said...

Oh!amazing!thaks to share these artpieces.Greetings.

Alexander said...

Is fantastic.....I like more the second piece .( and the others)
Thanks for post this peaces

Christopher Denise said...


jabraniho said...

wow inspiring!!
amazing stuff =)

juliabax said...

These are gorgeous! But I have to admit that I REALLY like the more simplified BGs on a previous post.

Francis Vallejo said...


Oliver Kurth said...

Really amazing stuff! Thanks for sharing.

Richard Smitheman said...

Amazing work, love them!

Ben Mauro said...


Maritze said...

Absolutely wonderfull work. And a great blog as well. I stand dumbfounded...

Edwin Rosell said...

Stunning! These knocked the wind out of me.

harshvardhan kadam said...

stunning stunning stunning work!!!!

Jackson Sze said...

Inspiration Depot... Thanks for posting these!

DIBUMAC said...

Incredible works !!!
Wanna see more :)))

shooting star said...

loved the images!!..

abhishek singh said...

ur a master ...these r wonderful

abhishek singh said...

n also i'm linking u ..
ur works jus tooo AWESUM!!

Food and Drugs said...

This is art in such a state of purity that could cause a temporary bafflement on the viewer.

Mark McDonnell said...

Where is the Sam Michlap?

Hope you're well man,


Arthur said...


Tatevik Avakyan said...

Great designs-very inspirational.

Justin K. Thompson said...


Hodges said...

amazing, i love seeing traditional concepts done so well, especially the marker ones

Parka said...

Thanks for sharing. These are absolutely stunning. The details! Oh!

Cool blog!


Ramses said...

!wow! great

Erik D. Martin said...

simply amazing @_______@

Armand Serrano said...

Magnificent, Sam. Hope you're having a fantastic holidays!

Aleta Vidal said...

wow, amazing!

Shane Pierce said...

Your work is amazing. traditional work is jaw dropping for me. Thanks for posting - very inspiring!

Mark McDonnell said...

Where is this guy called Sam?


Alina Chau said...

WOOOW!! Inspiring!!

John said...
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Jörn said...

Very impressive indeed.

Hans said...

Wow! truly amazing!! The light and colors are so intense. Really great and inspiring stuff.

Are you still at Imagi?

Have a great weekend,


lanfeng3d said...

nothing can say

chao lin said...

cool stuff very poetic

cvxv said...
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sexy said...
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Martin Bergquist said...

really really nice work, so glad taht you share this...

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