Tuesday, October 23, 2007

El Dorado

I Thought it would be helpful to post some of the color keys I painted while working on El D. with Ramone and Scott. Ramone and I did the entire color script, which was then shot down on Christmas Eve of '97... fun times. Among the failures are these little paintings. These show the turn in my painting and design sensibilities thanks to Ramone and Scott.
We did over 100 of these paintings and then started over. Here's a few showing spain contrasting El Dorado.



andy said...

Wow, awesome colour keys, I really like that last one particularly, though they are all thoroughly inspiring!

craig said...

Hey Sam, Great to see the versatility of style. Really dig the graphic stuff!

Randy Bantog said...

I love these paintings.

Urban Barbarian said...

Egads! I've missed so much! While Sam's drawing skills have been growing in leaps and bounds mine have been slumping! Damn your mad skilz!!! These look beautiful and so does the post before it!

cdeboda said...

Been awhile sine i've visited here...looks like i'm missing out! Nice to see you posting again, Sam. Keep em coming.

lautrette said...

oldies...but so good to watch again!!!

hope all is good for you ! hope to see you soon.

Philip Dimitriadis said...

What a shame it was shot down!!! They didn't know what they had in front of them. Fantastic color work. Great work!!Tthe colors and contrast are great!!!

Ken said...

one word - stunning.

I love looking at colour keys

Bobby Chiu said...

Lovely color keys! Glad I stumbled on to your blog

Benjamin Plouffe said...

yeah amazing stuff!!! nice to see to rejected stuff. Looks great either way!

shellywan said...

WoW~ and to think i showed you my sucky studies this morning... :(
Gotta bring them in Okay?? Come on~~~~~

Ramses said...

Fantastic art work, Sam!

Jodi Sandler said...

samuel your paintings are fantastic and i love the energy you put into them, especially your earlier ones that you did of the streets in one sitting. wicked colours and style :D

martin wittig said...

These are AWESOME!:)

FS said...

I loved the pics!
great colors and it is a big inspiration to me!
great stuff man!

Nicolas P. Villarreal said...

Beautiful paintings! I love your work, great color keys.


George Cwirko-Godycki said...

those are wonderful paintings

David Colman said...

always inspirational

k' said...

You're work on EL D. are great! amazing painting!!

Paul Lasaine said...

What's the matter man? Run out of work to post??? :)

I have one word for you: Marouch

Alfred Llupia said...

Thanks for share this ones Samuel!i love your artpieces.Greeting sir.

Samuel Michlap said...

How are you? No I didn't run out of art I but I never have enough time.

The previous post was for various films about a year ago. I had the chance to stretch out from what we usually get to do. Lots of fun.

More art soon.


Kei Acedera said...

Wow, this is so nice! I really enjoy looking at your blog, it gives me so much to learn from so thank you!

Matthew Kalinauskas said...

Nice stuff, I like it alot!

Craig Mackay said...

Uber sweet paintings, Sam! Thanks for the inspiration. You are a monster!

sebtikh said...

hey,it's beautyfull work and magic color,

Racuh said...

Cool Sam. I think someone named John Pohl was helping the vis. dev. department with some of the PreColumbian iconography. I am now working with that guy now! I love your work of course. Beautiful color.

mylydy said...

wow!!! thanks a lot to show your great work!

Jackson said...

Fantastic work here!

Oliver Kurth said...

Wonderful paintings, Sir!!!

Dave said...

Great stuff Sam, I remember seeing some of these pieces when I was animating on the show. Your pieces with the trains are gorgeous. Keep up the good work.

Rodrigo Lara said...

Very Very good, Exellent paintings and colors!!!!


Daniel said...

Thanks for posting all these images. Your work is really inspiring, not to mention illuminating! What more can I say....


Marcelo Vignali said...

Your El Dorado is pure gold, but your fans are waiting! You gotta post some new stuff!

Mirella said...

Wonderful!!! I love your colours!!!

Scarlet Verdeja said...

first time seeing your blog and WOOOOOOOOOOW! i love the tones that you use and the way that it gives alot of life to your paintings. I love how much light they have and how loose your strokes are. beautiful.

Anthony M Lovett , (Tony) said...

Really Awesome Samuel!!

amazing colour keys, excellent



scorpio said...

Beautiful colors. I love your work. Always a pleasure coming to your blog

Raghu G said...

Great works ..!!

Joern said...

Ooh man, your paintings are so great. From this serial i love most the third one 'cause of the colors and the shadows.

Jason Scheier said...

wow... :D

Ame said...

Hi! great jobs! your style is great, I love the color palets, good work!

Ame from Argentina

Alexander said...

Really god work man..
I like more.......

Martin Bergquist said...

I love your work please post more. please please please.

Alina Chau said...

These are stunning and beautiful!

Scarlet Verdeja said...

your art is very inspiring. Ur pieces are very solid and have alot of feeling on them. Thank you for doing such beautiful art.

Marco Bucci said...

these are all inspiring. Excellent light in each one.

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