Wednesday, October 17, 2007

it's been too long.... is anyone out there?

Oh I am not good about posting regularly, we all know this by now. Thanks to anyone who is still coming by waiting for new art, I really do appreciate the support.
I am currently Production Desinging on a new feature animated film and this keeps me very busy these days. We have a crazy schedule and no time to do what we are setting out to do but I am having the best time of my career and the team I am privelaged to work with is exceptional!

I just had to post something, so I looked through the my gallery images and decided to show a few of my past favorites.
The train image is recent and similar in technique to the last post. They are textural and finished in glazes. The other two images are from the early part of my gallery career and are painted in one sitting. They are all about capturing an emotion and energy very quickly. During these days, I could not figure out how to capture the initial energy in several sittings, so I just tried to do the entire painting in only one. I had a great time creating these as they came out of a part of me that was locked away at the time. I hope you enjoy them. I wont make the mistake of promising more posts right away as my schedule is just killing me at the moment. I'll do my best to keep new art on the page.