Thursday, July 13, 2006

Mood, texture and grit

I have been terribly busy lately but had a minute and thought it fun to post some of my fine art and a small color study.

The thick paintings are what I tend to do for the gallery world. They are done in oil and get very thick. I believe if someone is going to shell out the money for a painting it should have the added bonus of some real texture. The type of texture you can't get any other way but good old fashioned paint. I build these painting up until the desired texture is achieved. Most of my early attempt at gallery work were all done Alla Prima (one sitting, direct paint strokes) no fancy glazing. I developed the technique and just had fun with it. I plan to so some story illustrations for a book I am working on using this technique. Might be fun.

Beside the texture I have always been attracted to gritty parts of town... Are there any better places to get moods.
The small nite scene was done between assignation at work. It was only about trying to capture the feel of that all too familiar sick fluorescent light that you see late at nite near bar and liquor stores. I just love that light.

Hopefully my next post will be of some quick sketches I have been doing lately with my left hand.... Always fun to see what you come up with. John Nevarz posted a few of them a couple weeks back on his site. More to come.