Wednesday, June 18, 2014

"Dynamic Color Sketching for Entertainment"- My new online line class with LAAFA.

Introducing my first online class!
I've been fortunate to teach at Art Center for many years, but this is my first online class with the LAAFA! I feel very proud to have been invited to instruct with this amazing school.

I have developed an intensive course, which is centered around the art of Emotional color sketching.  I use this way of working everyday on the job.

The goal is to paint professional, bold images as quickly as possible. Good enough to sell to your client.

I live by the 10 minute rule... "Throw the painting out if my gut tells me it's not working after 10 minutes!"

 I will introduce you to the art of making bold choices and making them very fast in order to create a sketch that will tell the story and look presentable on it's own!!

We will start with 30 second paintings, and work up to 10 minutes. After doing lots of 10 minute paintings, we will then have the luxury of using 2 hours to finish the final image. It sounds crazy and it is!! This will be FUN!!!

"As students of art, we learn early on to sketch quickly from a live model. 30 second to 10 minute poses are common in all art programs, but 30 second to ten minute color speed painting from both film and imagination are not. In this course students will be pushed beyond their limits to think quickly to create bold engaging paintings in full color. All levels are welcome."   -Sam 

Check it out here

Or use for early registration.
Space will be limited so if you're interested get on over and sign up!
I look forward to seeing you online.

Check out these examples of mood painting done to help stage a scene and to help sell the entire film!
We will be focusing on this type of Dynamic sketching.

One of the classes will be dedicated to a live traditional Gouache painting demo! I love real paint, and want to share my process for attacking these sketches without the "UNDO" button!