Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Moonshine Show at Gallery Nucleus

Hi everyone,

Some of us here at DW had the opportunity to be part of an exciting new book, which features our personal work created outside of the studio. To kick off the book we also hung some of our art, mainly originals, at the Gallery Nucleus! It is a great collection of original art done by some of the most talented people I know, so don't miss it if you are in the area.
The book should be available in Sept.

These two paintings were literally done the same week I had to ship them to the show and both were done in my favorite medium of all time, Gouache. I haven't had the time these days to work with actual good old fashioned paint so these were a wonderful break from using digital means. I hope you enjoy them and please let me know if there is interest in prints as I might be able to hook you up. The first image is entitled "Abandoned" and the other is "Hollow Stand".