Monday, May 29, 2006

pencil comps

I'm always sketching.... more than I realize. These comps were done with a black prisma color pencil .They were idea sketches for a series of oil paintings I am doing. I love prisma because , like markers, you really have to plan shapes carefully otherwise you will have a mess. The goal with these were to capture an old feeling.... possibly from the 40's. I always do this type of sketch before a larger painting but as is usually the case, once I put this much love into something I have a hard time reproducing it again. It's for that reason that I have hundreds of small sketches and only a few larger finishes. I did so many tight renderings at Disney when I was in Layout that I burned out on them... that was over 10 years ago! I guess I try to take a sketch as far as I can, give it as much detail and hope it can pass as a fisnish. I've been doing this for years and so far so good.
I really am lazy when it comes to rendering. I guess it's more important to get the idea across than play with a tight finish. You will constanly see me do loose color or black and white gestures for that reason.

Monday, May 22, 2006

color sketches

Here are some color ruffs. I love color and I tend to focus a lot of time on color. The paintings here are done in acrylic, gouache and photoshop. They range in size from a mere 2 inches, Honolulu, painted in the car as my wife drove, to much larger pieces. I used to do lots of outdoor studies to learn more about color so I could be better at inventing it on the "job". Lately, since leaving Dream Works, I've had the chance to do more stylized pieces... I'll post some later.

things from the sketchbook

as I watch TV

I like drawing while watching the boob tube... these are inspired by but not limited to...

positive negative

I have to start some where...

Well I've wanted to do a blog for the longest time and it finally took my freind John neveraz to get me to do it. I have the great fortune of working alongside John who is ,without a doubt, one of the best. He has a great heart and is so damn prolific that it only inspires everyone around him to reach for more. I know I'm a better artist because of john.

I have been working in Animation since Lion King and have been a layout artist, designer, Art Director and production Designer. over the years I have figured one thing out.... no matter how good I think I am I still need to get better!! Well that and to always remember to laugh! Otherwise this Job could eat you alive!! I'll tell my horrible little stories someother time.

I love animation, it's been very good to me. I hope some of the art I post connects with someone and would love to hear any comments you have. Enjoy!