Wednesday, February 28, 2007

EAA composition lecture and demo

This post is coming very late but for what it's worth I will be lecturing at the EAA in Pasadena on Sunday from 11-2pm.
This talk is centered around composition as it relates to film story telling. Compostion is always neglected too much in school and on the job. I always receive more questions about this subject because it is not covered in enough detail in most institutions ,so I plan on drawing most of the time to visually help the class see my thought process on paper. I will also talk about my favorite films for studing compostion.
It should be fun and as usual, energetic! If you're available on Sunday and are in the area please stop by and say hi.
Sorry as usual about my terrible posting habits.
Call Mike Mattesi at EAA for the details. 626 440 5155
See you there.