Thursday, October 26, 2006


I did this piece while working on Sinbad and just found it. I finished it off and here it is. I did many of these graphic paintings to try and figure out a design for the architecture. I love Orientalist art and plan on expanding this theme. As I do them I'll post 'em. I just have to find the others.

Thursday, October 19, 2006


I'm really not sure where this painting came from but the longer I searched, the more it found a voice. When I play around like this I am basically trying to invoke an emotion and hopefully some questions..... Who is she and what the heck are those things behind her. I picked a simple story line and worked from there. After that I look for contrasts, simple shapes, edges, line etc. Which hopefully will help accomplish the initial goals.
In the end, as with most of my work I am just trying to have fun and push into areas I might not have played with enough.

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Vis Dev talk at Entertainment Art Academy, Nov

HI Everyone,
Well after three wonderful months of getting to know our new son, I will be posting again and will be giving a talk and demo at the Entertainment Art Academy in Pasadena Ca. On Nov. 12th from 11-2pm. I believe we are trying to go on line as well so more people can view it from different locations. It should be fun and hopefully informative. I will be primarily talking about my approach to feature Animation Vis Dev. As well as how to get a job as a vis dev artist.
I will also be giving a traditional painting Demo which usually helps to illustrate my approach... I always appreciated demos when I was in the audience....Well that and I think talk is sometimes cheap. Though I usually talk my head off and try and keep up with the questions while I paint.
I will be talking about how to apply to F.A. , if your not already in it, and what you might want to focus on when considering a career in Vis Dev. Please come by and say hi and check it out. I usually bring lots of originals besides the slide show.
Here are a few paintings to show a range of styles.
Thanks for being patient and for checking back and bothering to say hi.
Call Mike Mattesi for more information and to register at 1-626-440-5155or at