Friday, July 11, 2014

Color quick sketching on the iPad.

Color Quick Sketching on the iPad

Hi Guys,
Here are a few more examples of color scribbles- this time on my iPad.
Each one was done in an attempt to capture the moment and less is always more when painting fast!

I really can't over communicate the importance of setting up compositions with bold value and clean color, and of course the most illusive of them all - Soul!


I constantly strive for more than just trying to literally capture the moment- 
"Soul" is the goal and it keeps you loose and free to explore your feelings. As artists we are trying to say something. We sit down to paint something because we were excited about it, but so many times we end up chasing a technique or struggle with our abilities, and forget about the fun we wanted to have in the first place. We also have the tendency to over do our paintings.

I have done that too many times to count!
I try to move as fast as I can, looking for just the right combination of shapes and color to produce the moment in the least amount of time.

In my Online Class we will talk a lot about all 
of this, but in the meantime have a great weekend and keep painting and enjoy yourselves!